CTRL + V: Bathers

the ocean
can calm itself
so can you.
are both
salt water




(Nayriah Waheed)


Dana Schutz, Reclining Nude, 2002, oil on canvas, 48 x 59.8 in


David Hockney, Gregory in the pool, 1978, colored pressed paper pulp, 32″ x 50″


Sul-Jee Scully, Cheez Hand, 2016, acrylic, flashe, tape, and painted paper on linen over panel, 36″ x 48″

David Park, Bathers, 1954, oil on canvas


Milton Avery, Loungers on Pink Beach, 1944, oil on canvas, 30 x 22 cm


Sueko Kimura, Bathers, 1954, oil on canvas


Benjamin Lowery, Operation2017, Oil on canvas, 42 x 50″

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