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Sul-Jee Scully

img_1121Artist Beth Hoeckel at the Women’s March in DC, 01/21/17. See her work here and here. (Thanks, Beth, for the pic & title of this post.)

Integral to protesting is the protest sign. Sometimes labored and sometimes ad hoc, the protest sign is an immediate form of expression. This simple, flat rectangle can hold our strongest emotions and beliefs — a proxy for our own selves. As Trump and his administration continue to prove the scope-of-threat and injustice of their agenda, it is clear their acts cannot be met quietly. Protest signs may live their fullest life at the protest itself, but they (and their makers) will continue to speak out. Anna and I will be posting protest signs each week for Trump’s remaining first 100 days of office — or for as long as we have to.


No Walls Stand Forever

16422967_10100518022356187_7180482953292339009_oRafael Khachaturian, a PhD candidate in Political Science at Indiana University, Bloomington, at the No Ban, No Wall protest in Bloomington, IN, 01/29/17. His sign was inspired by Dmitri Vrubel’s iconic Fraternal Kiss mural.

“With this picture I obviously wanted to oppose the idea of building walls or excluding populations in any way, and I thought that the historical parallel to the Berlin Wall was something powerful to play it off against.” Rafael drew the US flag upside-down “as a protest against the threat that Trump’s policies pose for all people, citizens and non-citizens.”

If you have a sign you want to share, send it to info@commandzine.com or tag us on Instagram (@commandzine) or Twitter (@CommandZine). 


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